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We are a company that focuses on publishing Japanese pop culture and Indonesian creative contents and news. Our goal is to make Japanese pop culture contents, especially anime, manga and games, be more accessible to Indonesian people. We also help spreads awareness about Indonesian creative industries that is currently developing. As a team with the same vision and mission, we deliver the best in everything that we do.


Jurnal Otaku Indonesia

Jurnal Otaku Indonesia

An online media with a dedication of providing Japanese related news to Indonesian people, covering anime, manga, video games, events, collectibles, and many more interesting news and activities from Japan and Indonesia.

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Jurnal Otaku Indonesia


On July 2014, we launched a blogging platform for our readers called my.JOI. Anyone can register and start writing on the website as long as it's within the anime, manga, games, and other Japanese related news.

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Marketing & Promotion

We offer marketing to potential users, coordinating promotions, and designing visuals for commercial purposes both offline and online.

Event Management

We will assist you in achieving great results in managing small or big events.

Localization Services

We will help you localize contents that you want to bring to Indonesia through our knowledge and experiences.


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